Call for Papers: Technological Transformations and European Business Law


Iris H-Y Chiu
Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation at UCL Faculty of Laws


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The European Business Law Review issues a call for papers to appear in a special Issue in second half of 2020. Our theme is 'Technological Transformations and European Business Law'. We are interested in technological transformations widely defined, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain revolutions, smart contracts and other technological disruptions in commerce, trade, finance, business management, supply chain management, corporate law and governance, dispute resolution etc and implications for the development of European law and policy, whether in private or regulatory law. This scope is rather wide and we wish to attract interested scholars working at the forefront of interrogating technology and business law in a variety of areas.
If you are interested in submitting an article, please contact the Executive Editor, Professor Iris H-Y Chiu, at with a proposed title and abstract. Papers should be 10,000 to 12,000 words long, including footnotes, and prepared in adherence to the ALWD standard for citation. Deadline for submission is 15 Nov 2019. The editors of the EBLR aim to provide you with a decision on the submission in 4 weeks, and we aim to publish a maximum of 8 papers in this volume. We may also consider publication of submitted papers in a regular volume other than the Special Issue should the volume of submissions exceed our expectations. Any queries please contact Prof Chiu at

Iris H-Y Chiu is Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation at the Faculty of Laws, University College London.


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