ICYMI - European Commission Adopts Delegated Regulations on Market Abuse

The European Commission has recently adopted the following delegated regulations containing regulatory technical standards (RTS) to supplement the EU Market Abuse Regulation (No 596/2014):

  • RTS for objective presentation of investment recommendations and for disclosure of particular interests or indications of conflicts of interest (9 March 2016) - C(2016) 1403, available here (European Parliament status here)
  • RTS for reporting abusive practices or suspicious orders or transactions, etc. (9 March 2016) - C(2016) 1402, available here, with annex here (European Parliament status here)
  • RTS for the conditions applicable to buy-back programmes and stabilisation measures (8 March 2016) - C(2016) 1357, available here (European Parliament status here)
  • RTS for the content of notifications to be submitted to competent authorities, etc. (1 March 2016) - C(2016) 1224, available here with annex here (European Parliament status here)
  • RTS on accepted market practices (26 Feb 2016) - C(2016) 1087, available here with annex here (European Parliament status here)

Further delegated regulations are expected and we aim to provide updates on notable developments.


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