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Call for Papers—Roundtable on National Security & International Business


Kish Parella
Professor of Ethics and Law, Washington and Lee University School of Law


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Call for Papers: On September 27, 2024, Washington and Lee University School of Law’s Frances Lewis Law Center, Georgetown Law’s Center on National Security, and Steptoe LLP will host a roundtable at Steptoe’s Washington, DC office on 'National Security & International Business.' The roundtable is intended to foster learning and engagement between academics, legal practitioners, industry experts and policymakers. It will consist of four sessions and each will feature an academic presentation with commentaries from discussants in practice, industry or policymaking. Scholars in law, management, economics, political science, national security, supply chain management, industrial organization and related disciplines are invited to submit an abstract relating to one or more of the following featured topics:

• Supply chain regulation and compliance, including but not limited to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act;

• Corporate governance and geopolitical risk;

• Cross-border mergers and acquisitions & national security review, including but not limited to CFIUS review;

• Contingency planning and geopolitical risk;

• Logistics and geopolitical risk;

• Export controls;

• Supply chain resiliency;

• Economic sanctions; and

• Climate change & supply chain management

Submission Instructions: Interested participants should submit a 750-word abstract and CV to Kish Parella (parellak@wlu.edu) and Wendy Rice (ricew@wlu.edu) by June 14, 2024 with the subject line 'DC Roundtable Abstract.' Academic presenters will be required to distribute a draft to their discussants no later than one month prior to the event.

Funding: The Francis Lewis Law Center will provide up to $1000 of travel funding for each of the four academic presenters selected to participate in the DC Roundtable.

Publication Opportunity: Scholars selected for presentation have the option to publish their presentation paper with the Journal of National Security Law and Policy.

Roundtable Organizers:

• Professor Kish Parella, Class of 1960 Professor of Ethics and Law, Washington and Lee University School of Law

• Peter Jeydel, Of Counsel, Steptoe LLP

• Todd C. Huntley, Director, National Security Law Program, Georgetown University Law Center; Adjunct Professor of Law


Kish Parella is a Professor of Ethics and Law at the Washington and Lee University School of Law.


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