From the Field: Bethan Loftus' Research Trip to Canada



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From the Field is Border Criminologies new 'mini-post' series featuring news from researchers currently in the field. To start it off, Border Criminologies researcher Bethan Loftus provides an update on her recent fieldwork. More will follow soon.

A busy border crossing between British Columbia and Washington state\nCredit: Les Bazso, PNG
During July and August, I visited Canada with a view to building a picture of Canadian border policing. In particular, I conducted some limited ethnographic fieldwork on the British Columbia/Washington State border.

Along with analysing various documents, I spent time with a police department responsible for policing one of the border towns, as well as conducting interviews with representatives from a civil liberties organisation and those in the border policy environment. I aim to write an article based on this field trip in 2014.

Click here to read a recent blog post by Bethan about border regimes and policing research.

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