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EAF Call for Papers: Evolution or Revolution of European Insolvency Law


Jennifer Gant
Lecturer in Law at the University of Derby
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Professor for Civil Procedure Law at the University of Lucerne


Time to read

2 Minutes

The INSOL Europe Academic Forum (IEAF) is inviting submission for its 20th annual conference, taking place from Wednesday 2 – Thursday 3 October 2024 in Sorrento (Italy). Expressions of interest are invited for the delivery of research papers within the overall theme of the academic conference: ‘The Evolution or Revolution of European Insolvency Law’.

The conference is intended to focus on, inter alia, the following overall topics:

  • Public and social policy and the impact on corporate rescue, and vice versa
  • Sustainability and corporate restructuring
  • Environmental claims in insolvency
  • Transaction avoidance
  • Pre-packs
  • Asset tracing (including crypto assets)
  • Modern issues surrounding directors’ duties to file for insolvency
  • The impact and benefit (or not) of creditors’ committees
  • EU Preventive Restructuring Directive implementation progress and challenges
  • EU Harmonising Insolvency Directive
  • Competition for cases as a driving force for legislative reform
  • International organisations update
  • Cross-border issues (recognition, coordination)


The IEAF board also invites submissions on other topics that fall with in the scope of the overall theme of the conference.


Conference methodology

In line with the practice established in our past academic conferences, the intention for the Autumn conference is to have research papers that challenge existing approaches, stimulate debate and ask, and attempt to answer, comparative and interdisciplinary questions within the above broadly defined theme. Accordingly, proposals are invited that do more than just outline a topic of interest in respect of any given jurisdiction, but seek to understand, analyse and critique the fundamentals of insolvency and restructuring systems in ways that are relevant across jurisdictions and across fields of academic inquiry. Contributions must be in English.


Presenting at the IEAF conference

Expressions of interest in delivering a paper should be sent by email on or before 1 March 2024 to the IEAF’s Deputy Chair, Dr. Jennifer Gant.


Authors of papers selected for presentation will benefit from a waiver of the participation fee (one per paper) for the academic conference, however, they will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. A limited number of travel grants are available for junior scholars invited to present.


For further information, see: www.insol-europe.org/academic-forum-events.


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