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Call for Papers: A Reality Check on Financial Technology and the Law


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Oscar Borgogno
Researcher, Bank of Italy | Fellow, University of Turin
Giuseppe Colangelo
Jean Monnet Chair in European Innovation Policy and Associate Professor of Law and Economics, University of Basilicata
Cristina Poncibò
Associate Professor, University of Turin

The Computer Law & Security Review hosts a call for papers to appear in a special Issue in the second half of 2023. Our theme is ‘Financial technology and the law: a reality check’.

Financial technology (FinTech) is ranking high in the agenda of policy makers and supervisors around the world. Traditional business models are facing an increasingly rapid disruption process lead by the emergence of FinTech firms and BigTech companies, which provide innovative digitally-enabled banking and financial services. Scholars and regulators have envisaged a large pile of special frameworks that may ease market entry by newcomers while safeguarding consumers.

After almost five years of intense debate around the promises of financial technology for the financial sector, this special issue intends to assess the actual impact of such innovations from a legal perspective. We are interested in law and economics analyses dealing with how the law should tackle and harness recent technological developments in the financial sector.

If you are interested in submitting an article, please go to this link. The journal’s submission platform (Editorial Manager®) will be available for receiving submissions to this Special Issue after March 1st, 2023. ​Manuscript submission deadline: 30 April 2023. Submission of final revised paper: 30 July 2023.

Both the Guide for Authors and the submission portal can be found on the Journal Homepage here. For any queries, please contact Prof Cristina Poncibò at cristina.poncibo@unito.it.

Oscar Borgogno is a Legal Research Official at the Central Bank of Italy and TOELI Fellow at University of Turin.

Cristina Poncibò is Associate Professor of Comparative Private Law at University of Turin.

Giuseppe Colangelo is Associate Professor of Law and Economics at University of Basilicata.


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