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Submission guidelines (for internal members only)

Contributing to the Family and Medical Law Blog

The editorial team welcomes original contributions which provide high-quality legal analysis of recent family and medical law developments across the globe, including case law, current litigation, legislation, policy-making, and activism from members of the University (staff, students, visitors) and those affiliated with the Research Group (speakers at the MLEDG for instance).

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited submissions from authors outside of the University, and that contributions which do not comply with the following guidelines will not be considered by the editorial team. For internal members of the University, please email your submissions to the Blog editors.

Guidelines for contributors 

Formatting and general guidelines 

  • Posts must be between 500 and 800 words in length. Posts which are longer than 800 words will not be considered for publication. 

  • Posts must include hyperlinks to relevant legal sources and background information, including any judgments, laws, treaties, or other legal texts which are mentioned. Hyperlinks must link only to legal or respected news sources. The editors will have the final discretion over what constitutes a respectable source. Please do not use footnotes or bibliographies.


  • Post titles should be informative and grab the reader's attention. A reader should be able to tell what the post is about from the title. Titles should be as brief as possible.
  • Posts should be clear and concicse, and avoid excessive jargon.
  • Submissions must be fully proofread and conform to good legal academic style and the principles of plain English legal writing.


  • Posts must provide a legal analysis; the Blog is not a platform for opinion pieces.
  • Posts should deal with topical issues and the latest legal developments, such as recent judgments and legislation. A publishable post will capture the legal nuances of the judgment or legislation.
  • Posts need to be of interest to a general audience interested in family and medical law and should avoid being too niche.
  • Posts should provide any relevant background information to make the legal analysis accessible to readers from outside of the particular jurisdiction concerned.
  • Posts should reflect original, unpublished work.


  • Cross-posting or publication of the main text of blog posts on other platforms is permissible only with the permission of the editors of the Blog.