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Policing in South Africa


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A number of Oxford academics feature in the latest edition of South African Crime Quarterly, with its special focus on policing.

In an article titled ‘Policing Taverns and Shebeens: observation, experience and discourse’, DPhil student, Andrew Faull, draws on his recent fieldwork with South African police officials to respond to an article by Clare Herrick and Andrew Charman on the policing of liquor in the Western Cape province. While Herrick and Charman focused on the experiences of those being policed, Faull describes and reflects on the experiences of the officers doing the policing. By so doing he adds insight into the experience of policing the murky realm of liquor legislation in South Africa’s most violent police precinct, and offers policy makers complimentary perspectives to those presented by Herrick & Charman.

In the journal’s regular “On the record” feature, Faull and Oxford International Development Junior Research Fellow, Dr. Olly Owen exchange thoughts and observations of performance management in the South African Police Service and the Nigerian Police Force, the latter being the focus of Dr. Owen’s work for a number of years now.

Finally, a special supplement included in the edition titled,  Bibliography on police and policing research in South Africa 2000-2012 by the Centre of Criminology at the University of Cape Town, includes a number of books, papers and articles variously written by Oxford’s Dr. Jonny Steinberg, Dr. Ben Bradford and Andrew Faull, bearing testament to Oxford researchers’ reach in South Africa (and beyond).