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Announcing the 5th Oxford Business Law Blog Annual Conference on “Business Law and the Transition to a Net Zero Carbon Economy”


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The Oxford Business Law Blog is delighted to announce the 5th Oxford Business Law Blog Annual Conference: “Business Law and the Transition to a Net Zero Carbon Economy”, a three-day event to discuss the challenges of business law in supporting the path towards a more sustainable economy.

As the world-wide implementation of policies committed to decarbonise the economy gains momentum, this year’s Annual Conference focuses on the role of corporate governance in such an epochal socio-economic transition. Exploring issues ranging from climate risk disclosure and carbon commitments credibility to the exit vs voice debate and climate change in boards, the event provides a forum for scholars of business law to discuss how to tackle the questions raised by the transition to a net zero carbon economy.

Taking place between 25 and 27 May (1-3pm British Summer Time), the conference will bring together leading scholars from the fields of economics, corporate law, contract law, environmental law, financial regulation and social responsibility and introduce perspectives from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and the USA.

The event is hosted in collaboration with the University of Oxford, Universität Hamburg, Freie Universität Berlin, National University of Singapore, and the European Corporate Governance Institute.

For a detailed overview of the programme, see here.

If you are interested in participating in the event, please register for the webinar here.


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