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Call for Papers: Elgar Research Handbook on Global Capital Markets


Iris H-Y Chiu
Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation at UCL Faculty of Laws
Iain G MacNeil
Alexander Stone Chair of Commercial Law, University of Glasgow


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We have recently been commissioned by Edward Elgar to curate a Research Handbook on Global Capital Markets. It is timely for a Research Handbook to take stock of the key developments in global capital markets, whose internationalisation and growth have been phenomenal since the 1980s. From securities markets and global securities regulation, we have seen developments in innovative capital markets products and derivatives over the years. Such innovations aim at increasing efficiency and offering more opportunities for risk diversification and management for global investment intermediaries but also entail various risks in relation to product, market and systemic risk. The global appetite for investing in capital markets has only grown with the increase in assets under management as savers seek the deployment of their savings by investment intermediaries. Although this is primarily for the purposes of generating financial returns for the various terms and purposes of savings, increasingly, investment purposes have also broadened to hybrid objectives such as promoting sustainability.

In this Handbook, we adopt a thematic approach that surveys the universe of capital markets products, the range of investment intermediaries active in the marketplace and developments in the structures and governance of marketplaces. This framework allows us to interrogate law and regulation in the systems of finance and will facilitate the curation of a Handbook that is strong in its legal and regulatory foundations but is also conducive to inter-disciplinary perspectives.

We are calling for expressions of interest in contributing papers in the following areas:

  1. Perspectives on the theoretical anchoring of securities regulation upon the ‘law and finance’ school of thought
  2. The future of the IPO—we welcome perspectives focusing on developed and/or emerging markets, and comparative approaches if preferred
  3. Global securities regulation and the future, covering convergence/divergence and comparative perspectives
  4. Investing in social enterprises such as B-corps in the US or other social enterprise forms in the UK, EU and other jurisdictions (we are open to authors’ choice of emphasis)
  5. The market for development finance
  6. Markets, trading structures and modern developments such as algorithmic and high-frequency trading
  7. Comparative market abuse regulation (we are open to authors’ choice of emphasis)
  8. Emerging capital markets perspectives

The word limit is 7,500 words including footnotes and an end of chapter bibliography. The chapter is envisaged to provide high level perspectives in the area or topic concerned, so that the Handbook provides a one-stop shop for sophisticated perspectives in the broad theme of global capital markets. The deadline for submitting this chapter to the editors is 1 March 2022.

Kindly email Iris and Iain at hse-yu.chiu@ucl.ac.uk and Iain.MacNeil@glasgow.ac.uk respectively if you are interested in contributing to this volume. We very much look forward to hearing from colleagues working in these areas!

Iris H-Y Chiu is Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation at the UCL Faculty of Laws

Professor Iain G MacNeil holds the Alexander Stone Chair of Commercial Law, University of Glasgow


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