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Launch of Web Series: Key Concepts and Ideas in Border Criminology


Anthea Vogl


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2 Minutes

Interviews with Leanne Weber, Maria Giannacopoulos, Dhaksh Sooriyakumaran and Anthea Vogl

As part of Border Criminologies’ focus on creating open access resources, as well as resources for those teaching in our field, we have recently posted a new web series: Key Concepts and Ideas in Border Criminologies. The series involves interviews with three key scholars in the area of Border Criminologies, addressing a core idea or concept that has been central to the field and to their research. Each interview is designed to introduce and define the concept, explore its development and significance over time and explain how it has been applied in the interviewee’s scholarship to date. A short list of references mentioned in the interview is attached to each recording.

The series includes interviews with Dr Anthea Vogl and Professor Leanne Weber on Internal Borders and Bordering (link); Associate Professor Maria Giannacopoulos on Decolonising Approaches to Law, Refugee and Migration studies (link); and Dhaksh Sooriyakumaran on Digital and Technology-enabled borders (link). Find them embedded below. 


Internal Borders with Prof Leanne Weber

Decolonising Approaches to Migration & Refugee Studies with Associate Professor Maria Giannacopoulos

Digital and Tech Enabled Borders with Dhaksh Sooriyakumaran


We hope these short videos will be a valuable resource for teaching and learning in the field, as well as a rich introduction to the concepts and ideas addressed. If you would like to be involved in an interview on a particular topic or idea, please contact anthea.vogl@uts.edu.au or bordercrim@law.ox.ac.uk.


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