Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse in the Housing Sector



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2 Minutes

by Gudrun Burnet, Peabody Trust

Housing providers can be at the forefront of tackling all forms of domestic abuse, including Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (APVA). Incidents of APVA and domestic abuse can be mistaken for anti-social behaviour, depending on how they are reported. Working in the communities where this is taking place, it’s important that housing staff are aware and receive proper training, so that they can support and safeguard families effectively.


I was pleased to be asked to contribute to the recently launched Home Office guidance on APVA. This very important and worthwhile guidance for front line staff highlights best practice across sectors, helping partner agencies and front line staff to work better together, and understand what other professionals can offer.


It also provides links to resources and services nationally which is invaluable when trying to deal with APVA, as specialist services are often in a better position to provide support and advice to families affected.


This guidance has prompted Peabody to begin capturing data on APVA by changing our IT systems to categorise it separately, so that we have better knowledge of incidents taking place in our properties. We have also updated our training for staff and others, to ensure APVA is included. For further information please see my blog published in the Guardian: