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Publication of issue 21(2)



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The OUCLJ is pleased to announce the publication of issue 21(2) of the Journal, which contains the following articles and case notes.


  1. Saloni Khanderia, ‘The prevalence of ‘jurisdiction’ in the recognition and enforcement of foreign civil and commercial judgments in India and South Africa: a comparative analysis’

  2. Jason Haynes & Antonius R. Hippolyte, ‘The Covid-19 pandemic and the potential for investor-state claims: a Caribbean perspective

  3. Matthew Paterson, ‘On Dom: the case for revisiting domicile law reform in the United Kingdom and Australia

  4. Michael Handler & Robert Burrell, ‘Zombie marks invade New Zealand! How scared should the rest of the world be?

Case notes

  1. Kenny Chng, ‘A reconsideration of equal protection and executive action in Singapore

  2. Raza Nazar, ‘Legislation is ‘required’: The Jurists Foundation v Federal Government on the tenure extension of Pakistan’s army chief

  3. Thomas Yeon & Diana Siu, ‘Judicial control and interpretation of emergency powers: lessons from Hong Kong

  4. Kian Peng Soh, ‘Scope of a doctor’s duty to advise’

  5. Marcus Moore, ‘The HMCS Unconscionability: adrift in the Atlantic

The Editorial Board that worked on this issue (Jordan English, Urania Chiu, Alexander Georgiou, Aleksandra Kobyasheva, and Peter O'Loughlin) is grateful for the submissions it received, and particularly grateful for the following Associate Editors who worked on the issue: 

  • Asang Wankhede

  • Ayban Elliott-Renhard

  • Ceara Tonna-Barthet

  • Chaitanya Kediyal

  • Ishan Shivakumar

  • Matthew Paterson

  • Meenakshi Kesavankutty

  • Nidaa Iqbal

  • Titiksha Mohanty

Submissions are open for issue 22(1).