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New report by the Cameroon Conflict Research Group



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Our research group in April released its newest report on the Anglophone civil conflict. Its authors are Roxana Willis, James Angove, Caroline Mbinkar, and Joseph McAuley. The report is entitled 'We Remain Their Slaves': Voices from the Cameroon Conflict.

The group interviewed 32 individuals in the anglophone regions of Cameroon, from a range of backgrounds, to learn more about the causes and experiences of the conflict. The report is directly shaped by these collective voices and embraces a socio-historical framework which stemmed from the research participants themselves – that of slavery. The anglophone regions of Cameroon were among the worst affected by the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and, as the report shows, painful memories of slavery have been kept alive for anglophone populations by inequitable modern-day trade structures and continuing violent oppression. Equipped with this deeper framework, the main argument of the report is that the root cause of the conflict is socioeconomic inequality, for which multiple international actors, as well as the Cameroon government, are responsible. Accordingly, peaceful resolution, we claim, requires multilateral efforts from all responsible parties, some of whom are named within.

The report is published online through SSRN, available here: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3576732. Visitors to SSRN are prompted to login, but may also download without registration by following the link on the bottom-right of the download page.

Alternatively, interested readers may access a copy of the report directly, hosted here.