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Border Criminologies is an international network of researchers, practitioners, and those who have experienced border control. Read our blog for current research and reviews.

The Centre focuses its teaching and research around seven substantive areas: Security, rights and justice; Penal culture, policy and practice; Politics, legitimacy and criminal justice; Crime and family; Psychology, criminal justice and law, Victims and victimisation; and Criminal justice, citizenship and migration. The blog allows Criminology students to write on their research and on current topics of interest.

Research at the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) seeks to identify appropriate legal and governance frameworks for emerging technologies that have the potential to transform, or disrupt, healthcare and medicine.

The aim of the Centre is to provide an environment for high quality research in all aspects of national, international, transnational, and comparative law, relating to commerce and finance, with scope for particular attention to be paid to emerging markets. The Centre supports interdisciplinary research in these fields, and seeks to provide an opportunity for interaction between academics, practitioners, and policy makers from around the world.  The Centre aims to nurture and encourage the researchers of the future in this important area of legal scholarship.

Part of the Oxford Centre’s Global Criminal Justice Hub, DPRU focuses on the retention, administration and politics of the death penalty worldwide. We aim to understand the rationales for the death penalty, how it is used in practice, and its diverse application and impact on communities.

Family and Medical Law covers many aspects of what makes life valuable. On this blog, members of the Family and Medical Law Research Group, including Faculty postholders, postdoctoral researchers, and research students, share fresh insights on recent cases and changes in the law in the area, as well as up-to-date findings and from their research projects.


The Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies blog provides a discussion space for Socio-Legal scholars at all stages of their career from around the world to engage in debate about issues at the forefront of Socio-Legal Studies. Our mission is to provoke new debates, provide a space for reflection and imagine new Socio-Legal futures.

The Housing After Grenfell Blog provides a forum for discussion and debate about housing and law-related matters

The Oxford Business Law Blog (OBLB) is a forum for the exchange of ideas and the reporting of new developments in all aspects of business law, broadly defined. Since its launch in March 2016, the OBLB has attracted readers from more than 150 countries.

The Oxford Human Rights Hub strives to build a global community around human rights issues by enhancing the understanding of human rights law and practice.

We harness the power of technology to create a rich and freely accessible body of research and learning tools for students, teachers, academics and advocates of human rights both in Oxford and beyond.

The Property Law blog provides a forum for discussion and debate about property law. Topics include property theory, land law, trusts, equity, personal property, charity law, landlord and tenant and housing